1. Guest Houses of Auroville

    Are you planning to visit Auroville? We collected some of our favorite guest houses where you can spend the night. 

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  2. Volunteering in Auroville

    Volunteering in Auroville

    Are you interested in Volunteering in Auroville? We collected some facts and contacts that will get you there…read on!

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  3. Behind the Microphone: Auroville Radio

    Behind the Microphone: Auroville Radio

    We met the couple power behind the Auroville Radio, usually the people covering other people of Auroville. They shared with us their passion, challenges and their long term vision. Read the interview here. 

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  4. Meet Auroville: Adil Writer

    Meet Auroville: Adil Writer

    We met up with the famous potter Adil Writer who runs his own art studio as well as Mandala Pottery. He talked with us about his journey, inspiration and pottery in Auroville. 

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  5. Art For Land

    Art For Land

    The exhibition Art For Land Auroville was recently inagurated by Kiran Bedi, the current Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. Have a glimpse at the exhibition and find out how you can participate. 

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  6. Meet Auroville: Antonello from Gastronomica

    Meet Auroville: Antonello from Gastronomica

    We met Antonello from the start up Gastronomica. He is crafting delicious pasta, breads and sauces. In a conversation Antonello told us all about what it means to have a growing business in Auroville with all its challenges and milestones. Read the interview in our blog.

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  7. Meet Auroville: Prema from Rangoli

    Meet Auroville: Prema from Rangoli

    We met up with Prema, the women power and designer behind the Auroville fshion studio Rangoli famous for its unique and colorful collections. 

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  8. Our favorite reads about Auroville

    These are our favorite books when it comes to Auroville and Integral Yoga. Have a look at our collection and find what suits you best. 

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  9. Mirrabelle and H2H

    Mirrabelle and H2H

    Taranti met up with Mirabelle, a young woman who runs one of the stables in Auroville. She shared her passion for taking care of horses as well as listening and working with them. Read the full story here…

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  10. The economy of Auroville

    The economy of Auroville

    We had a chat with Stephan, one of the executives of, about the economy of the experimental township. 

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